March 12, 2011

Japan state of nuclear emergency UPDATE

A massive explosion at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant is increasing fears of a radioactive meltdown. The blast appears to have caused major structural damage and several workers are believed injured.

A fire at the plant forced Japan to declare a state of nuclear emergency yesterday as workers struggled to contain rising temperatures and pressures in the core of two reactors whose cooling systems failed after the magnitude 9.0 earthquake. An emergency has now also been declared at the nearby Fukushima Daini plant. 

The U.S. Airforce is delivering coolant to one of Japan's nuclear power plants damaged in the quake. The reactor has been getting alarmingly hot after the quake led to a fire which damaged the cooling system. About 3,000 local residents within a 3km area have been evacuated from the area surrounding the plant as a precautionary measure.

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